Discover The Man Of A Thousand Minds With The
Ability To Switch To Whoever He Wants To Be

Ricky Haynes is the man with a thousand personalities. At just the drop of a hat, he is able to switch to many roles onstage. Where everyone else was typecasted into roles, he exhibited a diverse range of acting abilities with a repertoire of over 500 personas.

This made him perfect for every role that exists.

But growing up, life was an uphill battle for him. He was 7 when he began hearing voices in his head and manifested multiple personalities.

“He would be a nagging grandma one moment, then a psychopath in the next”

“Occasionally, he was an infant who could only gurgle”

“There was no telling who he might be at any given time”

“We would often see the confusion in his eyes and the lost boy within”

“There was clearly a war that he was trying to win with all the other selves”

“Only to ultimately lose every single time”

–Jeanna, Ricky’s mother

An Attempt At Control

His parents tried everything to help their son. Medications, psychotherapy and stress management turned out to be temporary solutions. And even after visiting the best doctors and specialists in the country, none of them could explain their son’s condition

One day, things took a turn for the worse when he broke into their neighbor’s house, which led her to file a police report.

When child services visited the family to investigate, Ricky had an episode where the infant personality took over.

He lost his speech skills and became only able to respond to cooing sounds.

“Usually, it only lasts for few hours but never for many days like this,”

“The thought of losing Ricky forever makes me sick to the stomach.”

“All I want is to get my son back”

–Jeanna, Ricky’s mother

The Existence Of Multiple Selves

This time, child protection revisited the family with FBI forensic psychiatrist Dr. Engel, who had 30 years’ experience as the leading federal authority on matters of the mind. Dr. Engel suggested to perform multiple brain scans on Ricky and the tests yielded important clues about his condition.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a shrunk hippocampus and amygdala.

“This affects Ricky’s ability to regulate emotion and memory”

“Which leads to the generation of multiple selves”

“Thus, confirming his condition as dissociative identity disorder.”

-Dr. Engel

It reminded Dr. Engel of an assignment years ago. A town in Spain where he came across a mental health practitioner who had a reputation for calming down even the most disturbed minds.

“I had the opportunity to observe him during one of his consultation sessions”

“There was this young mentally unstable patient who was having grand delusions”

“But moments after he entered and sat down, he was significantly calmed”

“Which I later realized is the effect from the essential oil in a diffuser at the corner of the room”

“Seeing it convinced me that the exposure to lavender was the cure”

-Dr. Engel

A Floral Cure

Aware of how such a discovery could revolutionize the field of cognitive studies, Dr. Engel sought to use it to help Ricky overcome his condition.

The doctor obtained some lavender flowers from the town.

“The main constituents of lavender are linalool and linalyl acetate”

“Known for its highly sedative, and calming properties”

“Which in small amounts is sufficient to strongly enhance cognitive functioning”

“And simultaneously promote a diminution in spontaneous brain activity”

“While building a stronger network of blood vessels in the cerebral cortex”

-Dr. Engel

Dr. Engel started creating a prototype by extracting the flower’s essence into an oil and gave a sample for Ricky to try out.

After Ricky applied it for a week, his condition showed astonishing improvements.

“The only way I knew the others were taking over is through gaps in my memory”

“But now I’m noticing less blanks when I try to recall who was in control”

“I used to struggle so much to be myself and now it comes so naturally to me”

“It’s unbelievable to think that my mind is mine once more”

“The switching between personalities is less sudden and I can decide who comes out”

“As if there was finally a method to all the madness I’ve endured”


Brain scan results also reported a startling change in his brain.

“The hippocampus and amygdala had regained their volume”

“Which correlates with greater efficiency in the brain when regulating thoughts”

“Now his brain can control the multiple personalities.”

“Which allows him to achieve his greatest potential”

-Dr. Engel

By 10, Ricky has developed the ability to switch between personalities at the shift of a thought. It gave him the opportunity to leverage his newfound skill in the performing arts.

Since then, he has become the youngest to perform at all major theaters around the world. He also went on to produce his very first Broadway musical which sold out almost immediately.

The Birth Of Lavier

The promising results on Ricky prompted Dr. Engel to create Lavier™. A reformulation of the oil with the latest steam distillation method.

“Made with the purest Spanish lavender oil extracted from the flower,”

“The high content of linalool and linalyl acetate in Lavier™ keeps brain activity in its peak”

“By producing superior and quicker improvement over a range of neurological conditions”

“And allowing you to alleviate involuntary restlessness and agitation in the mind”

“When you massage Lavier™ on your temples twice a day”

“You’ll be able to improve overall mental and cognitive well-being”

–Dr. Engel

Lavier™ Garners Global Recognition

Ever since its global launch, Lavier™ has garnered 100% satisfaction among users. One of the participants, Samantha was blown away by the results.

“Being constantly bullied throughout my life, I have been diagnosed with anxiety…”

“And it has caused me to avoid social situations where I would be exceedingly anxious”

“I also have a serious stutter when I’m nervous or stressed”

“Over the years, I have tried every medication”

“But all were only temporary fixes and caused me to spend a lot”

“Then, things changed after I tried Lavier™.”

“Within a week, I could bravely venture out and socialize with my colleagues after work”

“I was also able to communicate fluently even when I was nervous.”

“The anxiety and stuttering stopped completely.”

“All thanks to Lavier™ for helping me become normal again.”


To raise awareness on brain disorders in the community, Dr. Engel partnered with several foundations to offer up to 70% discount for any purchase.

Everyone deserves to have a good brain on their shoulders.

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