Unwavering Dedication: A Mother’s Love Leads
To A Spark Of Life

Friday, 25th March 2022 | Darren Knight, Editor-in-Chief

Everyone is holding their breaths for the first cry of this newborn who endured 10°F in the middle of winter, with the prayers of a devoted mom as the turning point!

Gift From Above

The last thing Fiona Wilkinson expected to find at her door on the coldest winter’s morning was an abandoned baby boy in a cardboard box!

An unsigned note tucked into his blanket read:

“I can’t afford to take care of my baby any longer.”

“Please love him as if he’s your own son.”

With a heart of gold, Fiona had never turned away anyone in need, so she decided to adopt the baby, naming him Alex. But when she brought him in her house, she was horrified to find him blue and cold to the touch! Desperate, Fiona rushed her newly-adopted son to the nearest hospital.

“Ma’am, your son is on the brink of survival.”

“We’ll try our best but the next 6 hours in surgery is crucial to see if he pushes through.”

– Dr. Daniel Reid

Falling to her knees, Fiona began praying:

“Please, God, save my son!”

“I promised to love and care for him and I’ve not gotten the chance to yet.”

“Don’t make me fail him now as others have failed him before.”

Devastating News

“We tried everything we could.”

“His body and organs seemed to be working fine, but your son shows zero brain activity.”

“There’s nothing else we can do.”

“We’re so sorry for your loss.”

– Dr. Daniel Reid

Fiona was heartbroken with grief after hearing the news and she almost collapsed from the shock. But she refused to accept Dr. Daniel’s news.

“God gave Alex to me for a reason, and I don’t believe this short time is all we share together.”

– Fiona Wilkinson

She begged Dr. Daniel to consult his colleagues if it was possible to resuscitate someone with no brain activity.

“There is still a chance if the patient shows 2-5% of brain activity.”

“Even so, they will suffer from mental challenges for the rest of their lives due to the trauma to the brain which is the key for development, intellect, and cognitive abilities.”

“But I’ve never seen a successful case if the patient has no brain activity at all.”

– Dr. Robert Howell, Dr. Daniel’s colleague

It seemed there was nothing else to be done, but Fiona still refused to give up and unplug Alex from the ventilator. For 3 days, she prayed on her knees from morning to night asking for a miracle.

A Mysterious Solution

On the third day, her priest stopped by the hospital after hearing about her dedication. Retrieving a small bottle of oil, he placed it in her hands.

“This oil has been blessed for healing purposes.”

“It saved me from a high fever as a young man.”

“I was almost at the end of the line, but an old priest saved me by using this oil on my forehead and praying.”

“When I recovered, I decided to serve God as a priest as thanks for my miraculous healing.”

“You are a faithful mother to your son, and I hope this oil saves him like it saved me many years ago.”

Stunned by what she heard, Fiona decided to try it out. She placed some oil on Alex’s forehead and temples and began praying:

“God, grant me this miracle please.”

“Hear a mother’s cry for her only beloved son.”

Miraculous Recovery

Fiona opened her eyes when she heard crying to find Alex no longer still and quiet. He was wailing, he was ALIVE!

“Impossible! How is this possible?”

“I’ve never seen this in all my years.”

– Dr. Daniel Reid

Fiona was in disbelief that the oil actually worked and she told the doctor about how it was blessed. He reminded her that Alex would likely face challenges for the rest of his life, but Fiona was determined that the oil could heal her son completely.

Dr. Daniel took the oil to do further research while his colleagues checked on Alex’s brain and this is what he found:

“Even though this oil is thought to be blessed, my research has shown that it’s actually little-known science all along!”

“It contains eucalyptus cattai, the rarest Eucalyptus species found only in remote Australia, driven almost to extinction because of its unique properties for brain growth and development.”

“What’s special is it can bridge neurons together by stimulating connections in the olfactory receptors, a potent cognition booster to increase signals in the brain!”

– Dr. Daniel Reid

With these findings, Dr. Daniel checked on baby Alex’s brain scan. It showed a jump from 0% to 76%! There was so much brain activity that the scan was lit up almost like a Christmas light show.

Avive™ - Liquid Gold

Dr. Daniel knew he had liquid gold in his hands and decided to perfect the formulation. After years of research, he came up with Avive™.

“We used to think of a brain with no activity as a broken down car.”

“But we failed to consider that a car can be jump-started with cables to restart.”

“In the same way, Avive™ is a jumper cable for the brain, giving it a much-needed spark to fire up connections and activity in the brain.”

“Made with three times the potency of pure eucalyptus cattail extract, Avive™ stimulates the activation of neurons in the cerebrum and prefrontal cortex regions which are responsible for development, intelligence, and memory recall.”

“The most remarkable quality is Avive™’s ability to regenerate new brain cells, preventing brain decline and keeping the mind sharp, focused, and youthful for longer.”

“Your days of developmental challenges, brain fog, and age are behind you!”

– Dr. Daniel Reid, Creator of Avive™

Overcoming All Odds

The first person to try out Avive™ was Fiona who used it on her son Alex.

“God has led Dr. Daniel to create Avive™ and it’s been an even bigger blessing for us.”

“At just 3, Alex is already solving complex mathematical equations.”

“After using Avive™ for only two months, I sent him for an IQ test and he tops the chart at 175!”

“Beating even Einstein’s score of 160, people have started calling him ‘Little Einstein’.”

“I thought Alex would not make it but now he’s not just surviving but thriving!”

– Fiona Wilkinson

Your brain’s fullest potential is just waiting to be unlocked with Avive™.

Hurry as stocks are limited due to the rarity of eucalyptus cattai. Experience a miracle for yourself today!